Atlantic City Changes Jackpot Laws

Progressive jackpots are popular at both online and land-based casinos. In Atlantic City, the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement regulates the rules for progressives’ at all land-based casinos. Recently, a new rule has been announced with regards to progressive jackpots which could potential hinder a player’s small advantage. Luckily, this rule does not apply to online progressive jackpots but could be used as a precedent in the future.

The Amended Law

The rule states that casinos can eliminate progressive jackpots at any time and retain the accrued money. However, there are several conditions attached to the bill. First, casinos are required to notify the public 30 days before the termination of a progressive jackpot. If no player wins during that period, the casino has the right to remove the jackpot and keep the money.

Second, this rule only applies to progressive slot games within a single casino. Therefore, those games that a linked across several casinos cannot be terminated under this law. Therefore, players who add to the jackpot size may never have an opportunity to win the money after 30 days.

History Of The Law

The policy was initially implemented in 1992. Within the first three months, Atlantic City casinos canceled a variety of jackpots totaling $16.6 million of which they retained. As a result, customers complained and the law was amended to require the casinos to transfer any remaining jackpot money to other progressive slot games. Most players found this to be an acceptable arrangement. This also allowed the casinos to terminate games that did not bring in high traffic.

Statements From Representatives

The Director of the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement explained to the public that the change was a small portion of new regulatory reforms recently passed in New Jersey. The goal of these reforms was to eliminate specific rules the casino operators felt were outdated. Therefore, this specific regulation gave casinos the flexibility to remove slot games that are no longer popular and replace them with newer and more exciting games.

The Director assured concerned players that casinos will not be permitted to allow the jackpots to build up, then be canceled, and then be added back to the gaming floor. This is not only an unethical practice but would also be illegal. It seems to be a coincidence that this reform comes at a time when the casino industry and the State of New Jersey are struggling with financial crises.

Online Gambling Considerations In Canada

In the Province of Saskatchewan, Canada, the Minister indicated six months ago that they were considering the legalization of online gambling. During the month of April 2011, the Saskatchewan Gaming Corporation, a government-owned land-based gaming operator, announced they are prepared to join British Columbia and Quebec to implement an online gambling system.

The Reintroduction Of Online Gambling

This idea has been reintroduced as a result of subpar financial performance from the corporation over the past year. In 2010, the Saskatchewan Gaming Corporation recorded a net income 15 percent below the target. A report issued by the corporation stated that, although the revenues are expected to continue as planned in 2011, the company’s future is unsure without the introduction of online gambling.

Conducting Studies

The leader of the corporation released to the public that they are only in the phase of studying the idea and have not yet committed to the online gambling industry. The primary concern among province leaders is that the gaming money is being taken elsewhere and therefore cannot be reinvested in the infrastructure of the area. This is one positive aspect of land-based casinos.

Playnow’s Shutdown

In other Canadian news, there have been concerns regarding the British Columbia Lottery Corporation’s online casino operator Playnow. In 2010, the online gaming site was forced to shut down in less than a day of launching as a result of a security breach. In March 2011, the Senior Corporation I.T. Executive resigned from his position causing continued issues for the casino operator.

Messages From The British Columbia Lottery Corporation

A representative from the British Columbia Lottery Corporation confirmed that the departure of the I.T. executive was unrelated to the security breach. The executive also stepped down from his position with the Gaming Standards Association in British Columbia. This was a forced resignation due to the rules regarding employment by each organization. Until these announcements, the Canadian media was in a frenzy.

It appears as if the Canadian Government and subsequent gambling entities need online gambling for additional money to assist each province with improvements. If Saskatchewan is interested in implementing a system, it is in their best interest to utilize the models set forth by many European countries. It appears as if British Columbia is not off to a good start. Hopefully, the province will bounce back and become a leader in online gambling in Canada.

New Exciting Games At Omni Casino

n the most recent installment of the Omni Times, three new online games have been announced. The newsletter specifically states, “These are just the first three of many of new games that will be arriving at Omni Casino during the next few weeks.” Also, the newsletter outlined that the casino will be delivering several new deposit options in the cashier section and is planning to host the largest slots tournament ever seen in the near future.

Iron Man 2 Scratch Card

The first of the three new games are at the casino is a scratch card based on the online slot game Iron Man 2. This game has become so popular that it is regularly featured in the Ten Most Played Games at Omni Casino section. To win a top prize of $1 million for only a $100 wager, players must only get three reactors in line which takes only a few minutes.

Frankie’s Fantastic 7 Slot Game

The second of the three games is Frankie’s Fantastic 7 which is based on a popular arcade game. In this horse-racing-themed game, the horses are driven by random card draws from the deck and feature a variety of bets to keep the game interesting.

Perfect Blackjack

Omni Casino has not released a blackjack variant in quite some time. With the release of Perfect Blackjack, players are engaged in a six-deck blackjack competition with Las Vegas Strip rules. However, the greatest change is that players can wager on the deal, player, or both with having a pair. Any red/black pair pays 6-to-1, a colored pair pays 12-to-1 and a perfect pair pays 25-to-1.

Other Omni Casino News

In other news, progressive jackpots at Omni Casino have risen to record levels. Beach Life just passed the $2 million mark and continues to grow. The game is a 20-line slot game with a $0.50 coin bet. Also, Wall Street Fever boasts a progressive jackpot at over $325,000. Those who are regular Omni players know this jackpot is far above its usual hit level.

Powered by Playtech and licensed in the reputable online gambling jurisdiction of Curacao, the Omni Casino is an excellent place to try a variety of games. As an added bonus, the free weekly newsletter is one of the best in the industry due to its announcements, promotions, and bonuses. All registered players are eligible to receive this wonderful online publication.